About the Author

Author, Debbie Allen was able to achieve success easily with any business she set her mind to since becoming an entrepreneur at the young age of 19. Since then she has built and sold numerous million-dollar companies in diverse industries. Her extensive business-building wisdom and entrepreneurial insight has allowed her to overcome countless business obstacles and challenges along her journey.

Debbie is an award-winning entrepreneur and the recipient of the Blue Chip Enterprise Award presented by the National Chamber of Commerce for overcoming business obstacles and achieving fast business growth.

After building and selling multiple retail stores, Debbie started her professional speaking and business consultant company, which focuses on helping small business owners and entrepreneurs create fast business growth. Since starting her speaking and writing career, Debbie has inspired and educated thousands of people around the world and has presented in 28 countries.

Debbie is a best selling author of nine books including: Confessions of Shameless Self Promoters, Skyrocketing Sales, The Highly Paid Expert and her newest book, Success Is Easy: Shameless No-Nonsense Strategies To Win In Business.
Debbie also hosts her own live events bringing in thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs to her workshops, specialty events, and online training each year. She is known and respected worldwide as one of the top business marketing and growth experts. She is a highly sought-after motivational business speaker who has achieved success as a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) by the National Speakers Association. She has presented before thousands of people in 28 countries around the world.

Learn more about Debbie Allen’s professional speaking, mentoring, and live events at www.DebbieAllen.com.

Some No-Nonsense Advice from Author Debbie Allen…

Too many people believe it’s hard to succeed in life, and that it’s too difficult to push through and achieve goals and attain all the things desired. But that’s completely false!

Anyone can create ambition, drive, and determination to succeed. All of these traits will move a person toward success, but don’t necessarily guarantee success.

Too many people say they want success, but the reality is they don’t really want it because that means working too hard, focusing too much, and remaining coachable and open for success! They say they want more success and more money, but the reality is they’re too lazy to get off their ass and take action! Others would rather complain and make excuses about why it’s too hard to achieve success, so why even bother trying. The long list of excuses is never ending. Yet the bottom line is: They may talk a good game, but not many really want success badly enough to go after it!

An important thing to know about success is that if you don’t go after it — it’s not coming to find you! Success comes with a certain amount of responsibility that not everyone is willing or able to accept. This stops too many people from going for it.

You just can’t stop, quit, or make excuses! Period! Once this is understood and there is a strong commitment to making success happen in your life.

When you remain open to success, amazing opportunities will show up for you every day.

– Debbie Allen